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With Engagement,
Satisfaction Follows.

Your Employee Engagement is key to Workplace Satisfaction.
Higher Workplace Satisfaction reduces headcount attrition and increases commitment to work.
Is Employee Engagement your top priority?

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The Problem

Gallup did a poll in 2018 which demonstrated that 34% of U.S. employees were engaged in the Workplace.

And that was the highest in that decade.

Should we be satisfied with 34% engagement ration when the remaining 67% remains on the other side of the fence?


Why Happy Me Career?






Using Technology for our Advancement

Technology cannot be separated from our daily life. We have to learn to use Technology to our benefit.
Are you ready?

Skills Management

Managing our skill-sets should not be a race to collect paper certifications. Only applied knowledge translates to higher earnings and standard of living. We learn to earn. Are you ready to earn?

Professional Coaching

The Greatest of All Time have Coaches.
Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Elon Musk.
Do you have one showing you the way to success?

Recognition & Awards

The lighter side of working life has its place.

It encourages workplace bonding and fosters stronger relationships, calming internal tensions as well as building resilience for the tough times.

Is there time and space for a simple celebration in your organisation?

Having happy employees is EXTREMLY important for the SURVIVAL and PERFORMANCE of any ORGANISATION.

HAPPIER employees WORK HARDER, WORK BETTER together in teams and generally more PRODUCTIVE.

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