Coaching Insights

Coaching Insights

So you may ask, do we need a coach?

The answer is a resounding “YES!” if we seek a Quantum Leap into the future we desire.

Some of the world’s most wildly successful people have coaches: World Class Athletes, Olympians. Desiree Linden, who is an Olympian representing the United States for the Marathon has the Hanson Brothers as coaches. So do other athletes. Big players at the senior executive level – otherwise known affectionately as the “C-Suite”, understands that the strong support of high-level consultants is absolutely essential to reaching that top spot in their respective organisations and industries.

In that sense, if you’re asking yourself “Do I need a coach?”, you’re not alone.

Choosing to work with a professional or personal coach is a major decision and could have huge impact on your life. Many coaches out there are ready to showcase their various capabilities and an amazing string of high-profile mentees. It is imperative that you find one that works with you.

In Happy Me, we believe in searching for that person who best suits you.

Just before that, here are some simple tell-tale signs to identify if you need a coach.

You Feel Lost

“I have graduated and I do not know what I am passionate about.”

“I have worked for 10 years in the same company and I don’t know if this company is for me.”

“I don’t appreciate my job and I don’t know what I want to do.”

No kidding.

These are questions straight out from Quora.

The sense of uncertainty is pervasive and not uncommon.

Drifting along from day-to-day often leads people to wonder if they need a coach to guide them along. A Life Coach works well in this aspect. They can help clarify your values so you can set meaningful goals for yourself and create an actionable plan.

Or we just need that little side nudge for productivity.

We will need help getting to the next level every now and then. Progress equals happiness through fulfilment, and a Results-oriented Coach can help you achieve progress in the areas of your life that matter.

Success takes sweat, dedication and time, having a Coach accelerates that process. Friends and family can provide advice, consuming that free booze while you talk and that is about it. You will need a coach for the things that matter, professionally or personally.

Fear is Holding You Back

Everyone is intimidated from time to time by challenges in their lives.

Sometimes that ambition that we have?

We might be biting more than we can chew.

And Happy Me believes that it is a good thing.

Warren Buffett was afraid of public speaking. He attended a High Impact Presentations and went on to become the top educator in Investment Finance. The difference is that ultra-successful people know how to channel their inner strength and to use that fear to grow as a person.

If you have trouble facing and overcoming your fear – Perspectives from an external source could be illuminating.

Happy Me can help transform the way you think about your fears today and shift your perspective so the emphasis is on your positive traits, shifting away from limiting beliefs.

“You Believe that You are Not Good Enough”

Fear is a by-product.

It is a by-product of our limiting beliefs.

What untrue ideas do you have about yourself? Is your internal self-talk always about inadequacy? We all have battle scars, and some of us have allowed those past experiences limit and prevent us from moving forward in life and attaining our goals.

Holding on to terrible memories and feelings is both exhausting and counterproductive. It creates a negative spiral that heads down South. A Coach can help re-examine your old beliefs and ideas so as to work past counterproductive patterns, overcome those and move forward.

That is important work.

Because living in the past means you stay in the past.

Many of us sabotage our own success – and sometimes we can be unaware. That unknowing snacking habit that we have. That occasion alcohol consumption that we make. We may not know we do it and that often come clashing with our goals of healthy eating. It happens all the time. It applies to our careers as well.

Happy Me believes that the right coach can help you make better decisions and cut out self-destructive habits. When you’re ready to break out of old patterns, a great coach will be ready for you.

That’s because we start to see what we seek.

You need to Grow Your Decisiveness

Taking action trumps excessive planning.

It just is.

Constructive discussions have one purpose – They have to have purpose.

And while that seems logical, it doesn’t happen enough in the Workplace. What many meeting hours goes into unproductive chatter?

That is evident even at the national level.

The Congressional dialogues, the Parliament commencement, the Monetary Unions’ address.

When it takes that much energy to discuss, align and plan – Opportunities could be out of the window because the nature of opportunities is elusive and they tend to be fleet footed just like the Greek God, Hermes.

If you have trouble charting a course because problems are the only things you see, a Coach can help find clarity and bring you to a more progressive outlook.

Happy Me believes that having to consider too many “shoulds” cloud your judgment. Having a coach for guidance can help you figure and achieve the goals you seek.

In Summary

Coaching accelerates progress through laser beam focus and awareness of choice. It concentrates on where you are today first and what it takes to get to your destination tomorrow. Coaching provides a transformative space for you to experience easier and accelerated growth to move you towards your passion and goals.

Your goals and passion matter.

And Happy Me believes in that.



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Employee Engagement

Our Version of Employee Engagement

Increasing your employee engagement in the workplace can be a tricky situation.

In fact, there is nothing scientific about it that we can put into equations for verification.

And that is the exact nature of employee engagement.

There isn’t one-size-fit-all golden pill in the market.

As an employer, we need to ensure that our employees are passionate about their jobs and that they come to the office everyday eager and enthusiastic to start their work.

That is easier said than done, isn’t it?

If there is just that one piece of advice that works – I would say this.

“A Happy Employee, is a Fulfilled one. A Fulfilled employee is an Engaged one.”


There will be days where even some of our most engaged employees suffer from routine blues. Sure, of course. However, we have to constantly check the pulse of the employees’ engagement level in order to keep the high level of workplace energy going.

A fulfilled employee is an engaged one.

A disengaged employee can be a destructive one.

That is because a disengaged employee can inflict significant negative effect on the overall productivity of the workplace.

Employers always have to apply management best practices to improve employee engagement in the workplace. The key is tailor-to-fit because individuals tick in their own unique ways.

To put it simply, being happy in itself is open to interpretations.

Any efforts targeted at increasing employee engagement has to be targeted at individual aspirations and motivations, which fulfilling them in the workplace drives the level of employee engagement up to stratospheric levels.

The Million Dollar Question, is “How”.

Asking for and Providing Feedback 365

Workplace democracy is key.

This can be achieved via genuine dialogue.

Employers are often the one giving feedback to employees, about their working styles, office environment, workload and others. That is sufficient as a one-way street and certainly insufficient when it comes to an organisation valuing internal communication. Engaged employees have their fingers on the pulse of the customer and the organisation. Try asking for some of your employees’ input on a certain proposal or a design concept.

You might be pleasantly surprised.


It makes them feel that their opinion matters within the company.

Clarify goals

Every engaged employee understands what they are striving for individually and what they need to look out for in an organisation.

Every employee has a distinct set of goals and responsibilities to focus or work on. Occasional confusion is common place. Clarifying goals and responsibilities is vital to organisational success via increasing employee engagement.

Happy Me believes in this.

We believe that being human, employees do feel mentally wiped out from time to time when trying to achieve the goal that they were assigned to. It is in times like this that support from the top or from external sources such as workplace coaching that would be instrumental for a strong psychology bounce back.

Positive psychology is everything.

Or at least, 80% of everything.

There are many reasons for the feeling of inadequacy even for the very engaged workplace population. It could stem from a project delay which has never happened before in their career lifetime that has caused a dent in their self-confidence.

That is just to name one.

And this negative spiral has to be arrested before confidence starts eroding, impacting the rest of the tasks they are handling.

An in-tuned leader is one who is there to help their employees setting goals and assist them when problems arise. Leaders in organisations aren’t omnipresent and they are not always available for career guidance.

Happy Me understands that.

That’s why we are here.

In today’s world where playing defence is a losing proposition, there are many people attempting to make big strides advancing their career as far as possible through education, workshops and coaching sources.

If you are looking for a one-stop turnkey solution to workplace employee engagement, Happy Me is here for you.

Mentor your employees

Be a mentor.

Because it supports employee engagement.

There are some managers who are unaware of their employees’ need for support risk creating a Death Valley in the workplace. Yes, there is a price to pay for being too busy.

Mentorship and professional coaching go hand-in-hand when it comes to creating a workplace environment geared towards achieving goals via employee engagement.

While mentorship from within the organisation provides guidance on navigating the internal environment, professional coaching allows for exposure to best practices from the industry.

A Little Gratitude Goes a Long Way

“Thank You.”

That 2 words can be immensely powerful.

It shows deep appreciation of their effort and hard work that they have put into in making your company more profitable. While it is a simple gesture, we tend to overlook.

Engaged employees, like the others, wants to feel appreciated.

However, this does not happen enough in many workplaces. Showing simple forms of appreciation can really go a long way in motivating employees to work harder and be more productive.

Maybe a little reward or a treat or two?

A reward point system for achieving internal or individual goals could be that little tweak required in the workplace.

Who wouldn’t appreciate a reward that they have always wanted?

In Summary

Happiness through fulfilment drives engagement in the Workplace.

Happy Me understands that.

And you might be surprised how simple that idea could be.



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