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Daily Insights

Who Doesn’t Like Rewards?

How often do we reward new initiatives in the workplace? Not very often and probably not in the way that most employees would like how
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Is Employee Engagement the Holy Grail?

We always talk about employee engagement as the Holy Grail metrics for Human Resources. For that matter, maybe it applies to the Chief Executive Officer
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What is Employee Engagement?

Sometimes, we just don’t get employee engagement. When the metrics for employee engagement rises to all time high – We scratch our heads. “Like, really?
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Employee Engagement Isn’t Plug and Go

We know that “engagement” is a big word. You share that sentiment too. We have all done our rounds in the workplace; we have paid
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Short Stories

Employee Engagement

A Little Gratitude Goes a Long Way

“Thank You.” That 2 words can be immensely powerful. It shows deep appreciation of their effort and hard work that they have put into in
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Mentor your employees

Be a mentor. Because it supports employee engagement. There are some managers who are unaware of their employees’ need for support risk creating a Death
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Clarify goals

Every engaged employee understands what they are striving for individually and what they need to look out for in an organisation. Every employee has a
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Asking for and Providing Feedback 365

Workplace democracy is key. This can be achieved via genuine dialogue. Employers are often the one giving feedback to employees, about their working styles, office
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Coaching Insights

Trust is Everything.

Do we trust our coach? We have to, otherwise it will be difficult to take in what they dish out for our benefits. Think about
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Are coaches expensive?

Are coaches expensive? Truthfully, no matter how expensive they can be – They are not. This is not a mental gymnastics exercise. A little mindset
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When do we need a coach?

By Tan Yue Ying | 22 August 2021 Imagine standing in a vast open field with no end in sight. There is nothing else, other
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Difference Between A Teacher and A Coach.

By Tan Yue Ying | 22 September 2021 Most of us who had gone through formal education grew up with numerous teachers in our lives.
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