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Career Management System

Managing the careers of our employees and professionals should be at the top of the list for every organisation.
When we take a care of their careers, they take care of our business.
Happy Me Career takes care of both.
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This has nothing to do with the Traditional Management practice of “Carrot and Stick”.
This is about showing genuine appreciation for the people around us.
Have we done that enough?


An annual exercise is a struggle.
Setting performance goals is one thing.
Having person aspiration is another.
They don’t have to be different.
They can be one and the same
How does that sound to you?

Learning Management System

Learning is not designed to be random.
It is meant to achieve the goals we set for others and for ourselves.
Is learning directed at aligning personal goals with organisational goals?
Happy Me Career is designed for alignment between Learning and Goal Attainment.
How is this important to your organisation?

Feedback Management System

An annual exercise is a struggle.
It is also an extended jog into our memory lane, which might not dependable overtime.
How about transiting to a seamless, frictionless Real-Time Feedback Management system?
Happy Me Career is in for current, timely and relevant Feedback Management.
How does that sound to you?

Coaching Management System

Coaching has always been regarded as a luxury.
It shouldn’t be.
Technology has evolved rapidly and has taken Workplace changes at lightning speed.
Actually, it has been one storm after another.
Staying relevant in the Workplace has never been this challenging.
Are your employees and professionals ready for the constant need for upskilling?
Our coaches are ready.

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