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Our Story

We believe it’s the people that drive a organization to new heights. If your employees are happy it yields productivity and drives

revenue. We share these values here at Happy Me Career!

Our Founder

Mavis Ng


Service Business is about people. And that was what I thought when I first started working. I entered my first job happy, thinking that I will be meeting people from all Walks of Life. Learning from them, interacting with them. Possibly, satisfying their consumer needs. As days go by, people become clients and needs turned into demands. It was challenging and I motivated myself to keep going. “I just needed to pay my dues” was all that I muttered to myself, within myself. As weeks turned in months, the initial enthusiasm I carried with me seems to have lost its weight. Bit by bit, bite by bite, it ate into me. So, I evolved that ever so slightly. I put all my focus on the client instead of the person, their demands instead of meeting their needs. That gentle pivot served me well in Inland Revenue Authority Singapore (IRAS) as a Call Center Consultant. My Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) went up. At the same time, my job satisfaction went down. As I reflect, I went away seeking jobs looking to establish deep and direct client relationship, roles that allows me to put my clients’ success ahead of mine. Where my success comes from theirs. The same thing repeated itself in the next few jobs. It left a bitter aftertaste. Then I had that brief moment of metamorphosis. In fact, I didn’t have that moment. It brushed by my shoulders and I caught a glimpse of it. While I was perpetually on the move as a financial planner, I get to meet many different working professionals who are working for their families and their survival. Not exactly for themselves. Their stories are relatable, because it was my start-out story too. Overtime, I could see patterns emerging and for some unknown reason, I started offering career coaching advice during the client review sessions. People listened. People asked more. I thought to myself, “Okay, maybe I can actually do this”. I started offering coaching services on the side. As it turns out, I have received more meeting invitations for coaching sessions than financial planning sessions. And the amazing thing is this. It went away and came back completing the Full Circle. The Service Business has finally become what it is supposed to be. It is supposed to be about the people, about the people I meet and the people I serve. Then there is just one little caveat … That is not just any Service Business. It is The Service Business that I have created after coaching 80 + number of people across 5 different countries. It has brought me profound, undescribed fulfilment. And that source comes from closing the gap caused by employee disengagement. Closing that gap, grabbing people to take that Leap of Faith is what Happy Me Career is all about. Having people to be happy at work through meaningful engagement brings me immense personal satisfaction. And thus, Happy Me Career is born. And thus, the next chapter of my life is born. I am Mavis Ng and this is Happy Me Career. Happy to meet you, and happy to talk to you. Would you want to write the next chapter of your professional career with happiness, engagement and fulfillment?

Tony Tan

Chief Technology Officer

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