Who Doesn’t Like Rewards?

How often do we reward new initiatives in the workplace?
Not very often and probably not in the way that most employees would like how they are rewarded.
“Hey great idea. You spearhead this!”
Truthfully, not many employees are going to stay engaged after that encounter.
It would feel like a punishment in terms of the workload, and not a reward in terms of project autonomy.
Quite possibly, there is no delegation of tasks and autonomy either.
Happy Me believes this can be avoided for good.
What if all good ideas can be floated across to the supervisor at the push of a button without having to present the immature form in a department meeting?
What if good ideas that are curated from engaged employees can then be discussed in depth during the meeting?
Employee engagement has to be matched by deeply thoughtful responses.
It takes 2 hands to clap.
That’s Happy Me.

Is Employee Engagement the Holy Grail?

We always talk about employee engagement as the Holy Grail metrics for Human Resources.
For that matter, maybe it applies to the Chief Executive Officer as well.
Truthfully, no one employee wants to sign an employment contract so they can be disengaged in office.
It sounds slightly perverse and it just doesn’t happen that way.
Everyone believes that they can contribute and they can make a significant impact in terms of the work that they do.
So why does the situation typically flip to the other way?
Probably the culture.
Probably because it punishes the thoughtfully vocal and hardworking.
Probably the workplace environment.
Probably because everyone around us is disengaged so being engaged feels like a sore thumb sticking out.
Happy Me handles both types of situations in a bespoke fashion, catering to open working cultures as well as passive ones.
The key is to be Happy.
That is all it takes to nurture engagement.

What is Employee Engagement?

Sometimes, we just don’t get employee engagement.
When the metrics for employee engagement rises to all time high – We scratch our heads.
“Like, really? What just happened?”
Yet the opposite is immediately obvious.
We do know how disengagement feels like and look like.
We want to visit the pantry and the toilet every alternate hour for a logical break.
We want to have longer lunches than usual, even if it is just that 10 minutes longer.
We take forever sip that cup of Americano so we can avoid replying that email sent by our direct supervisors.
And maybe … we do our groceries during the working hours too.
Let’s say we are in the business of Happy Me, and engagement is the only key metric we care about.
How would 30% of disengaged working hours per hour feel like? Does it sound costly?
If it does, doesn’t employee engagement sound like an obvious solution to you?

Employee Engagement Isn’t Plug and Go

We know that “engagement” is a big word.
You share that sentiment too.
We have all done our rounds in the workplace; we have paid our respective dues.
Employee engagement is not the same as equipment connection where we can plug and go.
We aren’t wired for that.
We are wired for support and connection, for human interaction.
When shit hits the fan, we look to leadership for support.
When things head South, we look to managers for guidance.
When deadlines are fast approaching, we look to colleagues for a quick support.
All these observations are beautiful as we say, because we know for this to happen – relationships have to be nurtured.
So is engagement.
There are workplace conditions allowing for employee engagement to flourish.
How about being Happy and fulfilled at the start?