Increasing your employee engagement in the workplace can be a tricky situation.
In fact, there is nothing scientific about it that we can put into equations for verification.
And that is the exact nature of employee engagement.
There isn’t one-size-fit-all golden pill in the market.
As an employer, we need to ensure that our employees are passionate about their jobs and that they come to the office everyday eager and enthusiastic to start their work.
That is easier said than done, isn’t it?
If there is just that one piece of advice that works – I would say this.
“A Happy Employee, is a Fulfilled one. A Fulfilled employee is an Engaged one.”

There will be days where even some of our most engaged employees suffer from routine blues. Sure, of course. However, we have to constantly check the pulse of the employees’ engagement level in order to keep the high level of workplace energy going.
A fulfilled employee is an engaged one.
A disengaged employee can be a destructive one.
That is because a disengaged employee can inflict significant negative effect on the overall productivity of the workplace.
Employers always have to apply management best practices to improve employee engagement in the workplace. The key is tailor-to-fit because individuals tick in their own unique ways.
To put it simply, being happy in itself is open to interpretations.
Any efforts targeted at increasing employee engagement has to be targeted at individual aspirations and motivations, which fulfilling them in the workplace drives the level of employee engagement up to stratospheric levels.
The Million Dollar Question, is “How”.

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