We always talk about employee engagement as the Holy Grail metrics for Human Resources.
For that matter, maybe it applies to the Chief Executive Officer as well.
Truthfully, no one employee wants to sign an employment contract so they can be disengaged in office.
It sounds slightly perverse and it just doesn’t happen that way.
Everyone believes that they can contribute and they can make a significant impact in terms of the work that they do.
So why does the situation typically flip to the other way?
Probably the culture.
Probably because it punishes the thoughtfully vocal and hardworking.
Probably the workplace environment.
Probably because everyone around us is disengaged so being engaged feels like a sore thumb sticking out.
Happy Me handles both types of situations in a bespoke fashion, catering to open working cultures as well as passive ones.
The key is to be Happy.
That is all it takes to nurture engagement.

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