Sometimes, we just don’t get employee engagement.
When the metrics for employee engagement rises to all time high – We scratch our heads.
“Like, really? What just happened?”
Yet the opposite is immediately obvious.
We do know how disengagement feels like and look like.
We want to visit the pantry and the toilet every alternate hour for a logical break.
We want to have longer lunches than usual, even if it is just that 10 minutes longer.
We take forever sip that cup of Americano so we can avoid replying that email sent by our direct supervisors.
And maybe … we do our groceries during the working hours too.
Let’s say we are in the business of Happy Me, and engagement is the only key metric we care about.
How would 30% of disengaged working hours per hour feel like? Does it sound costly?
If it does, doesn’t employee engagement sound like an obvious solution to you?

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