By Tan Yue Ying | 22 August 2021

Imagine standing in a vast open field with no end in sight. There is nothing else, other than tall grass swaying with the wind, around you. Behind you is a narrow trail you have physically, forcibly created with your bare hands and before you remain an endless stretch. You think you must continue creating the path to destinations unknown alone, but you don’t have to.

A personal or professional coach understands what we can achieve and the long arduous, meandering journey that is necessary to travel are one and the same.

So, when do we need a coach?

Is it only when we need help in our personal and/or professional life that we turn to coaches and their expertise?
As it turns out, we don’t have to be in need to engage with a coach. The best time we need a coach is when we have an ambition.

We need to ask ourselves: What do I want, especially moving forward?
If we fail to be able to provide an answer, coaches can help us to identify, plan, and work towards our goals.
On the other hand, we may know what we want and may already have a definite goal(s) in mind; Coaches can help us to achieve and realize it.

It is not uncommon to lose sight of ourselves, or for us to feel lost in life.
Expert coaches understand that results take time and hence come armed with the clarity and patience to guide and support us.
We can expedite pieces of the journey because of their know-how.

In fact, coaches want to understand us and our beliefs, values, and desires.
We can make use of the safe environment and space created by the realm of coaching to see ourselves more clearly, and to experience and attain a deeper connection and more meaningful relationships with ourselves and others.

After all, how do we know how far we should and could jump if we don’t know how big the gap is between where we are currently and what we hope and/or need to achieve?

Coaches help to close the gap by identifying and addressing blind spots we may have.

We can learn to focus on the future and commit to finding our own solutions for future challenges.
We can learn to better navigate our way into the future, knowing that our coaches will be there to support and guide us along the way.
We can learn to hold ourselves accountable and not be afraid of changes and changing ourselves.

The question is – Are we able to appreciate the short-cut without having gone the long way?
Expert coaches can articulate that clearly because they have walked that journey.

So, this is why it matters. Standing on the shoulder of giants allows us to see the far horizon.

If and only if, you found that giant.
And Happy Me, can find that giant for you.


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