How often do we reward new initiatives in the workplace?
Not very often and probably not in the way that most employees would like how they are rewarded.
“Hey great idea. You spearhead this!”
Truthfully, not many employees are going to stay engaged after that encounter.
It would feel like a punishment in terms of the workload, and not a reward in terms of project autonomy.
Quite possibly, there is no delegation of tasks and autonomy either.
Happy Me believes this can be avoided for good.
What if all good ideas can be floated across to the supervisor at the push of a button without having to present the immature form in a department meeting?
What if good ideas that are curated from engaged employees can then be discussed in depth during the meeting?
Employee engagement has to be matched by deeply thoughtful responses.
It takes 2 hands to clap.
That’s Happy Me.

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